RuneScape, Forinthry Dungeon Guide

The new dungeon, a massive, mysterious place full of revenants. There are many riches available from killing these foes, but they are a lot harder to defeat than they appear. You may be able to get some rare artifacts or armor, provided you can kill one…

This is the guide to defeating the revs on an f2p world.


-Rune short-sword or scimitar. My guide to weapons will show why these are the two best weapons for killing revenants. Do remember that some revs are weak against stab, such as the ice fiend.

-Rune plate-body and plate-legs. When fighting the revs, pray from magic. Once you run out of prayer, immediately take off your armor. Remember that when you target a specific rev, stay on target!

-Explorer’s ring 3 or 4. This is used to teleport out of there.

-Amulet of defence or blessed symbol. Strength amulets may help as well, but the defence amulet provides defence bonuses, along with the fact that it’s really cheap.

-Combat/fancy boots. They’re the best boots available for the free worlds. They’re also free.

-Safety gloves. They’re free and provide decent bonuses.


-25 or so lobsters/swordfish

Ranged and Mages:

In the Forinthry dungeon, ranged attacks and Mage attacks help a lot, as they can hit from a distance, reducing the chance of getting piled by 5 revs.

-Green dragon hide body and chaps. Switch around from Mage and Ranged prayer.

-Maple Shortbow/Sighted Maple Longbow

-200 Mithril arrows. Mithril is advised for its decent price and good ranged strength bonus.

-Amulet of power or defence is highly advised for rangers.

-Wizards robes and hat with green dragon hide chaps and leather gloves and boots

-Amulet of magic or defence, possibly arcane blast

-Prayer against ranged

-200 Crumble undeads

-Staff of anything, advised to be air or earth

-Explorer’s ring 3 or 4 again


-If you want to know why anyone would kill these, they drop corrupt dragon stuff or ancient artifacts.

-Don’t attempt to solo the rev knight, he hits 270 with melee and 300 with magic or ranged

-Cabbage teleport when you run out of food

-If you’re a member, take a salve amulet or salve amulet (e) and a forinthry bracelet. Using the forinthry bracelet makes revenants tolerant.

-It’s advised to go to the revenants via the green dragon route on a free server, and then switch worlds if you’re a member. This makes it so you don’t need a dragonfire shield or anti-dragon shield.

-You can lootshare these guys. It’s advised to lootshare the revenant werewolves or knights, seeing as they drop some good stuff (corrupt dragon plate-skirt, anyone?)

-Sell the ancient artifacts to either Mandrith or that other guy in Edgeville or Lumbridge.

-Go with a small group of people you can trust. This place is Player vs. Player, after all.

-If you kill enough revs, they’ll become tolerant. This is useful for when someone comes up to attack you and the revenants are tolerant, as they will get blasted by a few high hits from your revenant buddies. It’s advised to get your tolerance up by killing revenant icefiends of pyrefiends and goblins. In this way, the revenant knight or dark beast will attack (and may even kill) the person attacking you. They’ll be skulled, so you’ll get free stuff.

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