RuneScape Grand Exchange &Ndash; What Items to Buy and Sell?

Runescape Grand Exchage, as you know by now, can trade (buy or sell) up to six items at a time. Free players are limited to two trading slots at a time.

If the item is a hot item, then it will be bought or sold in just a moment. You can buy or sell as much of one item at a time if you like. Just note there a limit rule for every item as discussed in this first post.

To sell, for instance, if you have 500 polar kebbit fur to sell, all your furs will only take up one slot in your trading menu.

What Items To Sell In Runescape Grand Exchange?

Ever since free trading is taken away, all buying and selling will be done through the Runescape Grand Exchange. This exactly make a great place to be a millionaire very fast in Runescape.

You can sell any items in the Runescape Grand Exchange that’s in demand. You can always get a fair price for the items you have. Just remember to always check out the prices to make you sell for a good price.

One example is swamp tar – you can pick this up off the ground in Lumbridge swamp. You can sell between 200 and 250 gp. Of course, don’t hold my words for it, because as you are reading this, it might increase a lot more or drop rock bottom.

It all have to do with demand and supply.

One thing I totally love selling in Runescape Grand Exchange is that, I don’t have to wait for the items to be sold.

I can put my item for sale, and I will go to gather more items, and once my items are sold, the exchange will notified me.

If you remember me telling you before, it works exactly like the real world stock exchange. When I put in my order to buy or sell, all I need is to key in my orders and the trading system will take of the rest.

It is really simple!

What Items To Buy In Runescape Grand Exchange?

One of the most common questions after Runescape players see a potential in making millions is to ask, “what items to buy?”

This is a very smart question, yet at the same time it’s a very stupid question.

Let me explain why.

For the Runescape Grand Exchange, it’s not the skill of me telling you what items to buy. Why?

Because by the time you read this, the prices for the items would have change. I can tell you the items I make money from, however, by the time this piece of information gets to you, it’s no longer valid.

So, this real skill in Runescape Grand Exchange, is the skill of learn how to trade well. Buying Low and Selling High.

I know this is a very general rule.

So, rather than me telling you which item to buy, which is just to feed you the fish itself, I will teach you the skill of how to do it yourself, as if, I’m teaching you how to fish for yourself for the rest of your life.

Remember, never ask someone what items to buy, rather ask, what items is going to be in demand in the next one to two weeks?

Those are the items that’s going to make you the huge profits.

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