Runescape Guide

This is a guide for Beginner and Experienced Players.


  • Introduction
  • Starting out
  • Training Skills
  • Making Money

Experienced Players

  • Making Money
  • Making a Pure Account
  • Mini Games

Beginners Starting Out


Starting out as a level 3 can be hard. You may want to quit because you see many higher levels calling you a “noob” (most common name called when players are mad).

Starting Out

Starting at tutorial is where you start. You will go through tutorial learning how to play the game. After tutorial is done you will be teleported to Lumbridge. This is a town where many quests are started at. You can start by training some skills. There are goblins levels 3 and 5 which you can train on. They drop some coins which range from 1-5, bones, and sometimes goblin mail. Make sure you bury the bones so your prayer level rises. The goblin mail is useless unless your doing a quest which when goblin mail is needed. Stay in Lumbridge and train your skills which ever you prefer. Start out with training attack, strength, and defense. Those are known as the melee skills. Eventually your skills will rise slowly. Keep it up its slow but it will pay off.

Training Skills

When you train your skills, make sure you have food. Food heals your health. Keep training through until you feel comfortable with your level to move on. If you like range and magic are great skills to train. Range when you train make sure you hide behind a rock or a object that the monster won’t be able to get you but you can hit it with the arrows. Do this also when training magic. These skills are great to train because if you become high enough they will own everything. The max hit for non-members with magic is 16 and with range is 18. Magic is much faster than range but range always beats magic and magic always beats melee. ( if the levels are near each other)

Making Money

Making money is hard for some because they don’t like to spend time on this, but it will work out if you spend time! There are many ways to make money they are Merchanting, Mining, and Woodcutting

Merchanting: this can only really work if you have money to spend. Merchanting is when you buy stuff for a price lower than its normally sold then you sell for more. For example this is how I started merchanting. I bought iron arrows. You can get them from 15-25 ea. Buy them at 15-20, then once you get around 1k or more sell them for 22-25 ea. This will take time but it will work. I made 400k in one week doing this.

Mining: mining is a great way to get your mining level and your smithing level. Start out mining copper and tin. As you mine these you put them in the bank once you get a full inventory. Once you get around 100-1k of each you should sell them for 10 ea. If you get 1k of each that’s 20k you made. As you make this 20k you also gained valuable levels. Eventually you will gain level and buy better pic axes. You will make money when you mine coal. Sell coal for 150 ea. If you get 1k coal you can sell for 150k!!!! That’s a lot for a lower level.

Woodcutting: wood cutting is slow and very boring, but it pays off big. You can cut normal trees down for a while. Then you can cut down oak, then willow, then yew trees. Yew tree are the best to cut, but you can cut them at level 60. Yews can sell for 300-350 ea if you get 1k yews you make 300k-350k. That’s some good money.

Experienced Players

Making Money

Making money as an experienced player is quite easy for experienced players which have lots of money. People with loads of money have many things they can do they. Example many experienced players have high levels so they can mine mitheril or adamant which sells a lot for each. But merchanting is the best way to make money fast. When you merchant as a high player you can do many things. When I merchanted I started out with merchanting dragon med helms. I normally bought them for 500k and sold for 600k…that’s 100k profit every time. Then I moved on to dharoks pieces which range from 1 mil – 3 mil after a while I eventually had 10 mil. Because I bought the pieces at a bargin normally 300k-400k cheaper than the normal price. Then I sold for normally. You can keep moving up. Move on to santas or robin hood hats and such.

Pure Account

Making a pure account is the most fun part of runescape. Like my pure account was sweet. I was a level 96 main. All skill above 60 and my pure I made pure range. He was ownage. I put 1 mil on this account for training supplies. I bought loads of arrows and range armor. I started training only range on cows then moved to guards (level 21) then I moved on to hill giants, then I moved to lesser demons (level 82), at this point my range was 75. I was only a archer. I only trained range. 75 range 1 everything else. I owned everything I was level 52 combat. I went in the wilderness and owned levels up to 80. I made lots of money and I had a great time. It takes awhile but its definite worth it.

Mini Games

mini games are a great way to gain levels and money. You play mini games such as Pest Control, Castle Wars, Barrows, and Al-Karid.

  • Pest control: You gain money for winning games and tickets which you give to a guy and he give you xp in any level you wish.
  • Castle Wars: War against other teams for colorful armour, its pointless for high level… noob game
  • Barrows: you have to be very experienced to do this task. You beat monsters levels from 75-125. When you beat all of them, they give you a piece of one of there armours. The armours are D-Haroks, Varocks, Torags, and more. I recommend your level 90 + to complete this. Bring lots of food and prayer potions, because when you fight they drain you prayer.
  • Al-Karid: you fight against other players. You stake lots of money or items. I have seen high level players stake full dragon, 30 mil, and much more. .
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