RuneScape Guide on How to Get High Combat Level(free)

A guide on how to get high combat level in run escape for free.

Getting a high combat level

Here the advice is simple – Kill lots of stuff.

Lower level opponents take less time to kill, but give less experience each. The main benefit of sticking to low level opponents is that they don’t damage you much as you fight them. Higher levels may kill you, or you need to keep eating food to restore your health.

So should you fight high or low level opponents to gain experience quickest? In my view it is better to fight opponents of much lower combat level than yourself if your aim is to build up your combat level as quickly as you can. The less damage you take, the longer you can keep fighting. If your aim is to gain as much money as you can by collecting monster drops, then higher level monsters drop more valuable items in general.

With most opponents you get drops as the opponents is killed. Sell the drops (unless you can use them yourself) and get money. Spend all your money on the best weapons and armour you can afford and are high enough level to use. I don’t mean the best looking stuff, or the most talked about stuff – I mean the stuff that gives the best benefits. Benefits can be of two types. Firstly, weapons and armour boost your attack, strength or defence levels when you wear (wield) them. For the highest boost to your levels (or ‘stats’) you need the expensive armour and weapons, such as ‘Dragon’ or ‘Rune’. You will see the boost that items give when you make an offer to buy them on the Grand Exchange, or by looking them up on the information sites mentioned above. Secondly, some weapons have a ‘special attack’ which causes more damage than normal. Again look these up on the information sites.

If you are a member, it is certainly worth doing slayer tasks, because this increases your combat level as you kill the monsters in addition to getting slayer XP. As a bonus, lots of the monsters you kill also have valuable drops, and you probably kill around a hundred of these for each task.

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