RuneScape Guide to 99 Cooking (F2P)

A simple and straightforward guide to 99 cooking on Runescape.

     First off, I wanna talk about 99 skills, and why you should obtain level 99 for the cooking skill. There are many skills you could try getting a 99 for, but a lot of them are extremely difficult. Take smithing, prayer and runecrafting, for example. These are pretty useful skills, but they are extremely difficult. The fastest method to 99 smithing will cost you around 250 million gp. The fastest way to 99 prayer will suck around 400 million gp out of your wallets. And runecrafting is easily as costly. Cooking is one of the easiest skills to level up to 99. This is simply because of the low costs that are involved and the small fee that you have to pay per exp. Another thing that seperates the cooking skill from the other easy 99 skills such as firemaking is it’s usefulness. Sure, it might not earn you a lot of cash, but for a low price to get to level 99 cooking, you can easily make your own food without wasting materials by burning them, especially if those foods such as anchovy pizzas are in demand and the G.E. just isn’t selling them.

Level 1-25

     First, you gotta have a decent amount of cash to start out strong. If you’re starting a new runescape account as a skiller, then nevermind. You could kill two birds with one stone by training fishing to get your cooking materials. Train fishing until you have about 1k sardines. You can then cook them over a range. I suggest cooking them in the Lumbridge castle, because the special range there will reduce the amount of burnt food produced. If the walking and clicking the stairs is too troublesome for you, then use the range in Al-Kharid. But at this low level, you will probably burn a lot of your raw fish. So don’t cook them over a fire. The extra walking distance is better than loosing potential cooking exp. As for your burnt foods, store them in the bank and drop them as a single note when you’re done. This saves time and clicking, too. Once you hit level 5, it’s time to move on to herrings. Herring’s give around 50 exp, which is nearly twice as much as the sardine’s 30 exp. Repeat the fishing process until you hit level 15. Do not make redberry pies because they require a lot more effort for only 78 exp. Once you get level 15 cooking, cook trouts till level 20. After you hit level 20 cooking, then the faster training begins. Repeat these steps until you hit level 25, but cook pikes, instead. These are 80 exp per pike, so it’s good exp.

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  1. Posted June 15, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    this cooking guide has helped me i got from 71 cooking in 2 days andi started from 25 cooking thanks.

  2. Shugar 2
    Posted January 8, 2011 at 11:46 am

    The only problem w. the grapes are the cost. I am already level 54 and it will take me 4,670 jugs of wine to get to 74. Thats A LOT of wine! I just don\’t have the money to buy that many jusgs of water and that many grapes. I am sure most people don\’t have that ammount of gold either. Other than that, great guide!

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