RuneScape Guide to 99 Range

This is a guide to 99 range in Runescape. I show both F2P and P2P in this.

I will show you how to get 99 Range in Runescape for both free player and members. Always use the best bow and armour you can use, but use low level arrows for cost.


Location: Crafting guild

Monster: Cow’s

This is easy and fast exp, there are so many of the you will have fast exp it will take about 150 cows’ to get to level 20.


Location: north of Rellekka

Monster: Rock Crab’s

The exp here will be easy and fast. The rock crabs have 50 HP but they are only level 13. Sorry I do not know how many you will need to kill to get to 30.

Free player should stay and kill cow’s because they are still fast exp at this level.


Location: Barbarian Village Bar

Monster: Barbarian’s

These are fast exp and there are loads of them here to kill. You will only need to kill about 400 of these to get to 40. Even with bronze arrows they are easy to kill.


Location: Crafting guild/ and major city

Monster’s: hobgoblins, guards

Hobgoblins have the benefits of not getting hurt. With guard you should bring some food and if you go in the morning there is also no one there to. They both have okay loot.

Location: Karamja

Monster’s: Lesser Demon’s

The exp here is the best in the game for free player. You should bring some food cause you might get hurt trying to get them to the safe stop. You can always get free tuna and the fishing spots

The rest if the guide is for member only.


location: King Lathas training field

monster: Ogers

These have okay exp but they have the advantage of being in a cage. They do also have some high level drops. There not much more about these except you need to have some quest done


Location: Baxtorian Falls

Monster: Fire Giant

Fire Giants are good because they have a low defense but they can hit high and they have average exp. The down side to them is that every one know that they are here so find a world that doesn’t have any people there



Monster’s: Yaks

 Yaks are fast and easy exp. You do not need food as they dont really hit that much.

Good luck with getting you 99 Range 

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