RuneScape – Guide to Bandos

Bandos Boss (or General Graador) is the easiest God Wars Dungeon (GWD) boss and the easiest to get to. But many people die here. Here is a guide to Bandos.

General Graador is considered to be the easiest GWD boss. But many people die here high levelled and all. He does melee and ranged attacks which can be deadly if you don’t look at your health. Though going in a large team is very safe you can still easily die here. He is level 624 being the 6th highest levelled monster in the game. His max hit is 605 with melee and 350 with ranged. He also has 3 bodyguards which are still pretty high levelled (141 and 142 (2)) and each one doing different styles of combat.

General GraardorFile:Sergeant Strongstack.PNGFile:Sergeant Steelwill.PNGFile:Sergeant Grimspike.PNG

Images from Runescape Wikia


Solo Stats

90+ attack, defence and strength

90+ constitution

70+ prayer

85+ magic

68+ summoning

Team Stats

75+ attack, defence and strength

75+ constitution

43+ prayer (if tank) or else 40+

62+ magic

52+ summoning


Completion of Eadgar’s Ruse

Completion of A First Resort (recommended)

Completion of Wolf Whistle

96 herblore would be handy as well


Solo Equipment

Best > Worst

Helmet – Verac’s Helmet > Helm of Neitznots > Torag Helmet

Body – Bandos Chestplate > Karil’s LeatherTop

Legs – Bandos Tassets > Karil’s Plateskirt

Gloves - Barrows Gloves (rfd) > Dragon Gloves (rfd)

Boots – Dragon Boots > Bandos Boot

Cape – Fire Cape > Skill Cape > Soul Cape > Ardougne Cloak 3

Amulet – Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory

Primary Weapon - Bandos Godsword > Other Godsword > Abbyssal Whip > Saradomin Sword

Secondary Weapon – Dragon Claws > Dragon Dagger (p++) > Enhanced Exacaliber > None (if using Godsword or Saradomin Sword)

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