RuneScape: Guide to making 12Mil/Hour doing [almost] nothing!

You are looking at this title and probably wondering "WTF???"

Am I right? But let me tell you this. Not only will you make millions per hour, you will also be making money by doing almost nothing! What has happened to the world of Runescape?!?!? Nothing! It’s just that this method is so underrated, no one ever talks about it. But I assure you you will not regret reading this.

So please, read on and start making money as if it grows on trees!

Before we begin, let me tell you this. Construction is an expensive skill, and a pretty large investment is required. How large? Well depending on your current level, it may cost up to 10mil or more. Otherwise, it will only cost about 5mil. 

Getting a Gilded Altar

Target level? 67-75. Why? Simple: the gilded altar. Level 75 is required to make it. However, if you’re like me and want to save yourself about 10mil, you only need level 67. How? Spicy stew + Crystal saw. A spicy stew with 3 doses of orange spices will give you up to a +5 bonus. (This will be easier if you have multiple stews (about 7-10) to begin with, and bring with you a few super restore potions, in case the stew lowers your construction level).

A crystal saw gives you a +3 bonus. It DOES stack with spicy stews, so when you drink a spicy stew and your level is boosted to 72, your level will actually be 75, allowing you to build the altar.

Making your first million

Making money couldn’t be simpler. First, move your house to Yanille. Next, go outside your house portal in world 31 (house parties), and advertise “[your name here] for lit Gilded Altar!”. 

After you advertise about 3 times quickly, go into your house. Make sure you brought some Marentill to light your burners (this gives people extra prayer experience). If you bring noted marentill, you can get your servant to un-note it for you.

Keep lighting the burners and make sure they don’t go out. Once in a while, say something like “Donations are appreciated!”

Every so often (at least once every 15minutes) someone will donate to you. Usually people donate 100-200k. However, if you stay in your house for a long time, people who level up will give you some generous donations. In the first hour that I opened my altar, i got a donation of 10mil. I also got a bunch of smaller donations.

Getting attention

You can either advertise your own house, or pay someone to advertise for you. Also, you can join an altar friend chats, a popular one is “Altar”. Here, people will ask for houses, and you can tell them to go to yours.

That’s basically it! I guarantee you’ll make at least 1mil an hour, and much more if you’re even slightly lucky!

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  1. Posted January 18, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    GO **** yourself. No one’s going to give donations. If they have enough to give 10mill or 200k away they can definitely afford 95 construction. You have a higher probability of going to party worlds and waiting for something good to drop. Listen if you want views then do something thats actually true such as 1-99 guides. I get a ton of money from those because even if they are BS some noobs still benefit from them and like my article. This promotes more viewers. Your article will not only piss of the 100-200 viewers who end up watching it but it will not get any likes and die.

  2. Miss Salzedo
    Posted January 18, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    I wouldn’t say gilded altar hosting is ~12M an hour, but you can definitely earn AT THE VERY LEAST 1M from 3 hours of hosting. It takes quite a lot of patience, friendliness, and attentiveness, but as your reputation grows, so do your donations. Also, you did not mention actually hiring an advertiser, which although costly at first, is quite beneficial.

    Most advertisers will not advertise for less than 10k/1 minute, which sounds like an awful lot, but truly it pays off after just 30 minutes of advertising.

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