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A guide.

A guide.OK. There are many different ways to make money on Runescape. Merchanting has always been one of the best and bigged ways to make you rich, but can be hard and confusing to learn and will take time to master. I’m going to teach you about Flip Merching for P2p AND F2p giving you a headstart to noobs who want to merch. It’s the most honest of all merching and it’s easy to make money and hard to lose money once you get the hang of it, therefore it’s EXTREMLEY good. Pro’s like Chessy018 uses flip merchanting to make her millions every hour.

Buying an item for cheap and turning around and selling it in 4hrs or when the GE updates for more than you paid.

It works based off of a few factors:

During prime runescape playing times when the most people are online they will put max offers in GE so that they can get hold of an item they want sooner. When no-one is online people aren’t paying as much for items, this is important for you to know.

You are patient and keep your offers low and slowly get your item. Then sell your item high and wait patiently for the impatient to buy your item for higher because they want it right then.

Items that are good to flip are items that are in demand/constantly being bought/sold on the GE like armour/weapons, resources like runes/logs/arrows and such.

First off we are going to use rune arrows for a cheap P2p example.

Step 1)
To begin you need to make sure the item you are buying isn’t crashing or about to crash so go to > Game Guide > Grand Exchange > Type in your intended item. To know if your item is crashing or about to crash you need to know how to read the graph. To the right of the graph click 180 Days. Then look at the right side of the graph.

If your item is about to crash it will look like this:

If your item is crashing the graph will look like this:

A graph of an item that you want will have a straight line kinda like this:

Step 2)
After you have found an item with a graph that looks sorta like that you need to find what price to buy your item at. Attempt to buy 1 rune arrow for max in the GE. I found that I could get 1 instantly for 420GP. Now I need to put an offer for 10k rune arrows (its 4h penalty) for a little under that. I put it in for 410 each. They will now slowly buy over the next hour or so. If none sell within the first 5min then raise your price a little bit to say 415 GP per.

Step 3)
Now you must wait 4hrs before you can attempt to sell your rune arrows. Once your 4hrs is up put your item into the GE a little under its max price. They will slowly sell or you need to lower the price a little more. I put mine in for 430GP each. They slowly sold and I made an easy 200k from about 5min of work with only 4.1m cash used.

That was a cheap item to flip of course. Once you get more money you can do bigger things like barrow items/sets or even gwd armours and godswords. You can also go smaller and flip something like adamant arrows (F2p) requiring little cash. The profits wont be as high but still easy money.

There’s my guide. I’m sure there will be lots of questions so feel free to ask and ill answer you and add them into the guide. Remember there’s hundreds of good items to flip everyday for p2p and f2p so don’t fret if you can’t seem to find one. If you wanna know about an item lemme know.


The GE has a penalty every time you buy/trade an item off of another player or from the GE you can’t buy/sell it back in the GE until 4hrs pass.

Items have caps of how many you can buy every 4hrs. For example you can only buy 10k rune arrows every 4hrs. (It helps to flip multiple items at a time for better profits)

A tip to choosing an item if you have 20m+ cash is find an item that recently jumped some in price. Not alot but some. It seems to gain you more profits when flipping them.

If you have over 20m to invest then go to this site to find a good item.…list=1&scale=0

Those items have a penalty of 2 per hr so they aren’t really worth flipping.

To get an idea for what price to sell your items at, base it off the first offer you put in. Say you bought a rune arrow for 420 GP instant then put in your main offer a little under that like 410. Then when you sell them put them in for a little over 420 say like 430.

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  1. John Anderson
    Posted October 4, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Hello. I got 2M and i just quit, i need your help. I just flip merched guthix kiteshield and got like 30k for each one and i always bought 3. I made 120k with only 2M, but now the prices gone down so i need ur help. What should i flip with 2M.

  2. Posted October 4, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    Most items in the most traded section.. heres a link.

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