RuneScape Halloween Event 2012 Costume, Items and Emote

The Runescape Halloween event 2012 is going to be great! Free items and clothing or costume, what’s not to like? Here’s the basic information about the upcoming event.

Updates to this page will be made as new information is made available.

The RS Halloween event will start on October 22, 2012 and is expected to end on November 4, 2012. This has been confirmed through the schedule of events shown on the Runescape home page. A recent livestream from Jagex hinted that pirates might be involved in the event. Of the current Jagex staff, Mod Tony W is involved in developing the Halloween holiday content.

In all of the previous years since RS’s launch in 2001, items have been given away for free. A more recent development is the inclusion of members-only items. New emotes have also been unlocked during the event.

Tradeable Halloween items are the pumpkin and Halloween mask. These two items are now considered rare and are worth well over 100 million gold pieces in the Grand Exchange.

Since 2003 there have been no tradeable items as all of the holiday giveaways have been untradeable like the scythe, zombie head, grim reaper hood, Jack o’lantern masks, skeleton costume set, etc. If destroyed they can be gotten back from Diango or Thessalia.

So what is in store for players during the Runescape 2012 Halloween event? It’s been a tradition to give away either a costome or item plus an emote so this is what players can expect to get this year along with a fun story or quest about Halloween in RS.

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