RuneScape – Handcannon Pure Guide

Runescape handcannon pure guide.

Table of Contents:

  • Information 
  • Getting started
  • Skills & Quests
  • Pvp

1. Information
Why would you make a h-c Pure? low level + high hits = loads of fun / good loots
“The handcannon is a very powerful weapon wich was released into the game at 9th September 2009, and it requires the completion of the quest ‘Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf’ & 75 Ranged to wield. The weapon is a little different from other Ranged weapons – it may explode as you fire it! The ‘Explode rate’ of the handcannon is based on your Firemaking level. Its all random, though. It has the highest Ranged strength bonus in the game, and it provides you with +90 ranged attack bonus. This makes the Handcannon the deadlies ranged weapon in the game”.  there are 3 kinds of hc pures that i can name / 42 defence hc pure (void) / 30 defence (snakeskin) or you can do my way and keep it real nice and low and bust up some pures at 20-27 defence. (to do this start from 1 defence and do natures spirit & what lies below than train defence to 22 ^^)
2. Getting started 
To start off with a h-c pure your gonna need a account with no combat stats / or very low stats your gonna wanna make cash so start off with 15 day trial and bot flax and start off with 1m cash (p.s. the more money the better account obviously)
3. Skilling & Questing : 
Now that you have made 1m + its time for questing & stats 
Required stats :
- 56 Strength (Pot to 69 for ‘Forgiveness of a chaos dwarf’)
- 61 Hunter / 58hunter (with pot)
- 61 Firemaking
- 30 Defence / 22 (If you want to become a zerker later on, ONLY quest it!)
- 40 Mining
- 50 Smithing
- 22 Cooking
- 17 Farming
- 10 Fishing
- 12 Crafting
- 33 Magic
- 14 Thieving
Suggested stats : 
- 70+ Firemaking (To decrease the chance of your handcannon blowing up)
- 44 Prayer (To easier complete quests)
- 15 Thieving (Ava’s Accumulator)
- 55 Slayer (Ava’s Accumulator)
- 19 Crafting (Ava’s Accumulator)
- 35 Woodcutting (Ava’s Accumulator)
[Required for Handcannon]

Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf (Handcannon)
Forgettable tale of a Drunken Dwarf (Handcannon-Sub)
The Giant Dwarf (Handcannon Sub-Sub)
Fishing Contest (Handcannon Sub-Sub)
Between a Rock… (Handcannon Sub)
Dwarf Cannon (Handcannon Sub-Sub) 
I suggest doing quest for avas accumulator (helpful as fuck)
Animal Magnetism (Ava’s Accumulator)
The Restless Ghost (Ava’s Accumulator Sub)
Ernest the Chicken (Ava’s Accumulator Sub)
Priest in Peril (Ava’s Accumulator Sub
4. Pvp :
“Now, this all depends on if you have low or high HP. If you have a low hp level, its pretty simple.”Wear what you can if you choosed 30-defence wear best armour i wear frog armour cause its best for me, if your 30 wear snakeskin armor, if your 42 defence obv. work towards void for best range bonus.

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