RuneScape High Alchemy Profit Guide

This guide will teach you how to make 100k to 300k per hour doing high alchemy.

Have you ever wanted to get 99 magic without losing 13m with high alchemy? Well what are you waiting for start getting your 99 magic now.

Before starting you will need to buy a rope, 1000 or more alchemy’s, amulet of glory for banking, 1 or 2 salmon, 1000 or more shanty passes, and anti-poison. First, withdraw your anti-poison, shanty passes, salmon, amulet of glory, 1000 or more nature runes and items that you are using high alchemy, a rope, and run to the Kalphite Hive and enter inside. Once inside, walk to the south-western side until you see the Kalphite soldiers. run through the soldiers and then stand on the Potato Cactus for the safe spot. Drink your anti-poison and eat your salmons. once you have finished eating your salmon and drinking your anti-poison, start doing high alchemy and pick up all the Potato Cactus’s that spawn nearby while doing high alchemy. These Potato cactus’s are worth 2k to 2.75k each and are easily sold in the Grand Exchange. Last, after your inventory is full of Potato Cactus’s, use your amulet of glory to bank all of your Potato Cactus’s. Repeat all these steps for maximum profit of making 100k to 300k an hour.

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    This is valid for member only right? any free members guide? thank you.

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