RuneScape : How to Find The Best Items to Alch for Profits (P2p/f2p)

Want to gain magic experience while making profits? You have come to the right place.

“High Alchemy” is a non-combat spell used to convert items into gold pieces. It requires one nature rune and five fire runes to cast (staff of fire to cast is HIGHLY recommended). It is a very popular way to train magic but, not many players know how to make profits while alching.

At, there is a high alchemy calculator for RuneScape. The calculator is a comprehensive list, updated every single day, noting down the profits and losses of every item that can be alched on RuneScape. The price of nature runes is also updated everyday, but in this calculator, the price of fire runes is not added due to the use of staff of fire.

Here is how it looks like:

This is just a part of the list, it is just too long to fit on the screen! Right now, you can see up to date information about the most profitable items to alch. You can also view the item which loses the most cash, if you are seeking to lose cash that it!

You can see at the top of the image that you can also view only non-members items by checking the box which says “hide members only items”.

Exact link:

Happy Alching!

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