RuneScape- How to Increase Your Range Level

I tested a few strategies and I found that this was the quickest and the best way to train range. I hope this helps.

Runescape-How to train your range level in non-members

When it comes to combat and pvp, nothing dominates like melee, but it is always to have a good range level on the side. Training range can be hard and long work and usually expensive. I’m going to teach you how to train range and even make a little money.

When you first make a Runescape account, your range level is only 1. At the beginning, Range training is really boring and expensive. Here is what you do:



  1. When you finish the tutorial, you will have a few arrows in your inventory. Use those arrows on the ducks at the Lumbridge bridge. Keep attacking the ducks until you reach about level ten range or until you are out of ammo.
  2. Then, you must go to G.e and buy all the bronze arrows you can.
  3. Once you have your items, put it in your bank and world-hop to world 1 or another world with a lot of players.
  4. Now head over to the wilderness. If you walk up to level seven of the wilderness, you will see a quest mark on your mini map. You will also see some stairs leading into the ground, which is where you enter. Now you should have realised, you are in F.O.G or more commonly know as Fist of Guthix. Here you can enter a combat arena where you can fight others to win F.O.G. Tokens. With these tokens, you can buy items ranging from gloves to shields.
  5. You have to talk to a fat alien/mythical creature type thing which is located right next to the entrance to the waiting room. Once she/he has explained how to use F.O.G to you, you may enter. You will end up in a strange room aka the waiting room. There, you are to wait until you are given an opponent to fight.
  6. Once you have entered the arena, you will be given some runes, which you can use to do magic and some bandages which you will use to heal yourself.
  7. You will then count down from three to one and then your match starts. Fifty percent of the times, you will start as the hunter which is the one who hunts the other person who will try and run away from you. Some times, you will face people who just stand in the centre. While they’re standing in the centre, you can just attack them until they die. You might notice them, holding a stone. This stone will charge them up. The more charge a person has, the more tokens and ratings they will receive at the end if they win.
  8. You should keep on training range in the Fist of guthix until you reach about level 40 range. From there, go to the G.e in varrok and buy green d’hide chaps and the body ( if you have 40+ defence)
  9. Buy about 10k iron arrows which will cost about 180k. If you can’t spend that much money, you can always buy bronze or spend as much as you can. You should also buy about fifty law runes (if you want to make extra money. You will also need 33 magic). Along with the law runes, you will need some air runes to use the grasp item spell.
  10. Once you have your items and equipment, go to the crafting guild, west falador. Next to the guild, you will see a cow paddock. This is where you will train.  You will close the gate and range at the cows. It should take about two shots to kill them at 40 range and a maximum of four. If you turn your camera view to the west, you will notice some hobgoblins. Go as close to the river as you can and range at them. They had about 20-30 hp so you will gain about 112 range xp each time you kill one. Some times, they will drop limp roots which can range from about 900gp to 1500gp. You must then use the tele-grab and it will appear in your inventory. Once you have a full inventory of you can take it to the bank in falador and store it there or you can sell it straight away at the g.e. A full inventory will make you about 36k.

Well with these tips I wish you all the best of luck with your range skills and I hope that my tips have helped you.

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