RuneScape: How to Trade Items or Even Cash Between Other Accounts Without Getting Banned!

Wished you could transfer some cash to your newly made Runescape account? Well, here’s how to do it!

So you just made a new runescape account. But the problem? You don’t have anything to start with. You don’t even know how to get some quick cash. However if you have a good and rich main account, well, you could probably transfer some quick cash to your new account!

Here’s how!

First, start 2 windows of internet browsers side by side, like this,

Next open up on both the windows,

Then, login to your account on both the windows. Now hear this! Because you are using the same address for both your account, you will not be permitted to use both your account at the same time, so to overcome this problem, you just need to be fast enough to click the login button between the 2 browsers within 2 seconds.

The final copy would be this,

Neat uh? Now you just need to trade any necessary items to your growing account!

If you want more cheats, go to and click on Runescape help!

That’s all folks and have fun!

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  1. Doug
    Posted August 28, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    It works at the login part but once i choose a world it wont let me

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