RuneScape Hunting Guide Level 1-99

Here’s a guide for all you member players out there on how to master the skill hunting.

To begin with, hunting is actually a pretty good skill for money making. It sort of goes hand in hand with summoning and other combat skills. You will need a lot of patience because hunting takes sort of a long time and plus the traps will fall a lot so you need to always reset them. All hunting equipment can be bought from Yanille.

Levels 1-19: From these levels the best thing to hunt is crimson swifts. They are north of Ooglog. They are close to the coast line. You will need to hunt a total of 117 crimson swifts. You will also need a bird snare. Bring spare ones just in case you loose one. The first few levels are the longest because you can only set one trap and it will most likely fall a lot so be patient.

Levels 19-29: From these levels the best thing to hunt would be tropical wagtail. They are just south-west of where the crimson swifts are. When you reach level 20 you can set up two traps. So you can put up two bird snares. It will take 85 tropical wagtails to get to level 29. Same thing applies here from levels 1-19.

Levels 29-41: From these levels the best thing to hunt would be swamp lizards. They are just south of the bank in Canifis. Bring 5 ropes and 5 nets. I chose this amount because if you loose a trap you will always have a spare so you don’t have to go somewhere to buy supplies which will interrupt your training. Swamp lizards are actually good money. They are about 400 gp each. So each time you are fill you should bank them and sell them later. It will take 192 swamp lizards to get to level 41. By level 40 you can set up three traps which will speed up your training a lot.

Level 41-53: From these levels the best thing to train on would be the graahk. They are west of shilo village. You will see a hunting icon on your mini map. You will need a teasing stick, knife, any kind of ax, and food if you have low defense level. Graahk Armour is advised but not necessary. Graahk furs cost about 7k each so you should bank them. Although the closest bank is shilo village. You will need to finish a quest in order to enter the village.

Level 53-63: From these levels you should train on Grey chinchomps. They are south of the falconer on your mini map. The only thing that you need to bring are box traps. You will need to catch 1172 grey chinchomps to reach level 63. If you sell all that your will get around 600k. Laurpia clothing is advised but not necessary.

Level 63-99: From these levels the best thing to train on would be red chinchomps. You will still need box traps. You will need to catch 47796 red chinchomps to reach level 99. Not worry and be patient. If you do get all those chinchomps and you sell them you would get around 36mil. They are just a bit north from where the tropical wagtails are.

Good luck and hope you reach level 99 as soon as possible!

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