RuneScape is Dying

An article describing how Jagex is killing RuneScape, but saving it at the same time.

You may know about the game called RuneScape. It is an extremely popular game that a lot of people play. Many have quit though, and I will tell you the reason why.

In 2007, many changes were made by Jagex. But in December, Jagex made an update leaving many players devasted. Because of this update, about half the players of RuneScape quit the game, including many members, who payed about 5 dollars a month. This update was: The Removal of the Wilderness. Jagex lost a lot of money because many members had quit. The company also made two other bad updates, the Grand Exchange and the balanced trade. These updates were made to prevent scamming and real-world trading. The Grand Exchange almost completely ruined merchanting, but also provided new opportunities to make money. 

PvP and Bounty worlds now make up for the removal of the Wilderness. Bounty worlds allow you to only attack other players in the Wilderness. PvP world allow players to attack anyone near their level anywhere, except in safe places, such as banks and the Grand Exchange. In both types of worlds, you are automatically skulled when you log in, and the Protect Item prayer is disabled. The reason the Wilderness was removed was because of Real-World Trading. People were making accounts that were perfect for Player-Killing in the Wilderness. Then, they sold their accounts for real money. Other people made accounts that had a lot of money, or really rare or expensive items. Then, they sold them for more real money. Sometimes, people were paid to train accounts to a certain level. Jagex didn’t want people to make money off their game, so they removed the Wilderness.

The Grand Exchange is a big part of RuneScape today. Many players like the Grand Exchange. It is almost impossible to merchant with the Grand Exchange, but it is still possible. The Grand Exchange, known as the GE, always has players in it. Sometimes, there are so many players, the RuneScape server starts to lag. The GE can make high-alching much more profitable now. Low-alching can also be possible with the GE, but that is only if you low-alch with the Explorer’s Ring 2 or 3.

The balanced trade update was made because there were too many complaints about scammers. In my opinion, I don’t know how anyone could get scammed when there is a second trade window saying “Are you sure you want to trade ‘this’ for ‘that’? If one gets scammed by not reading the second trade window, that is there own fault for not double-checking that it is a fair trade. The balanced trade update should have been made as it was today, except that if the number at the bottom was red, you should still be able to accept the trade.

Because the Wilderness was removed, many paying members left. Since Jagex couldn’t afford to lose money, they raised the membership price. It is now cost around $7 when it used to be about $5. I don’t know if many players left or not from this change made in August 2008. Today, members have even more benefits. A huge option they have received is that every six weeks, Jagex will keep RuneScape Classic open to paying members. After two weeks, they will close the option down, then after another six weeks, open it up again. Members who join RuneScape Classic, otherwise known as RSC, can play forever as long as they are members. The RuneScape tutorial today does not teach you how to play RuneScape. I think Tutorial Island should be the tutorial, and the tutorial today should be just another quest. Today, the number of players playing online at all times is only about 150,000-200,000 players a day. Before the updates, you would always see that there are at least 1 million players playing at all times. I have been online once when RuneScape reached more than 3 million players online! I miss the old RuneScape, and I just wish that Jagex would bring it back, maybe as a new version. Like you can play RuneScape Classic, the old RuneScape, and the RuneScape Today. That would be just awesome.

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