RuneScape is Literally Killing People!!!

The famous online game, Runescape, is slowly "killing" hundreds of millions of peoples’ lives. Hearing some testimonies of some former addicts gives me the chills to even think that people waste their life, money, friends, parents, etc. on some game that will lead them nowhere but a sad and miserable death. Possibly suicide!

With whatever the number of people I can reach and scream this to them, I will tell you that sooner or later your life will be completely ruined by this evil game! 

There are over 135 MILLION accounts on Runescape. These people sit behind their computer playing this pointless game for 8+ hours on average. They skip meals, important events, birthdays, school, they neglect their family and friends for this game! This is outrageous! The authorities seem to be fighting to get rid of drug abuse but this is even worse. People knowingly are addicted to this game and waste their life on something so pointless. 

They could be spending their life in a much better way. Getting a good education, building relationships, starting a family, and enjoying life! Worst of all this game is targeted for young adults. Think about what will happen to a world in 30 to 40 years when all the older population will eventually die and all will be left are the internet, video game, etc. addicts sitting behind their devices and slowly killing themselves. 

Take a look at this testimony of a young adult who was very close to death, all because of this evil game. Who knows, this will reach a wide audience and possibly open people’s eyes and save their lives.


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  1. Posted January 8, 2011 at 3:29 am

    I totally agree.

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