RuneScape: Kinds of Swords

All about different types of runescape swords.

Hey everyone:

As you all know about different types of weapons in runescape for those of you who doesn’t know, this article can help them.


Daggers in runescape are of different types, foe example. Bronze dagger, Iron dagger, Steel dagger, Mtihril dagger, Black dagger, White dagger, Adamant dagger, Rune dagger and Dragon dagger. These are the main kinds of daggers used in combats.

Long swords:

Long swords are also of the same types which i mentioned before and are also used by many players.

Battle axes:

Battle axes are of all the mentioned types too. These hit very high but are slow compared to scimitars.


Scimitars are the most commonly used weapons for all in runescape as these are one of the fastest swords used in runescape.

war hammers:

these are heavy that’s why they are slow but they hit high damages too, these are also available in all the above types.

2h swords:

2h swords are usually used for testing your max hit on monsters as these hit damages very high.


whip is the most common weapon used in members as it is very fast and also hits high damages.

god swords:

God swords are the most expensive swords and therefor hit the most damages on monsters, these are the best swords in runescape. There are four types of god-swords. Armadyl god-sword, Bandos god-sword, Zamorak god-sword, and saradomin god sword.

These were the basic swords which are mainly used in runescape.

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