RuneScape Let’s Make Money! Do’s and Don’ts

Ever feel like you’re not making money? scammers are really annoying and ad-bots that talk over and over should just be deleted? jealous of the party hats?
Read this to make money!

The most common thing you can hear in runescape is, 
“Can you give me (X)Gp so i can go buy ——– ?”
“Dancing for money!” 
“Can I have that?”
“Will you give me money?”

this kind of begging is more annoying and is hated by most players in the RuneScape world,
so… how about you what should you do if you’re put in a situation where you need money 
but can’t seem to be able to make some right away? well here are some ways you can make money, 

method number 1
skill Req: none
Gp Req: around 30k

here is a method that will yeild you some money but is kind of risky.
First you go to the Grand Exchange(GE) and buy what are known as: “Muddy Keys”
these keys when used on a chest in the wild will give you the following:

1 uncut ruby
1 mithril bar 
1 mith dagger
1 anchovie pizza
2 death runes
2 law runes 
10 chaos
50 coins

also along the way you can find a steel platebody next to the chest, 

if your going to be using this method, I suggest you bring along food because of possible pkers, and high lved monsters, you are going to be running past some black knights (agressive) king scorpians (agressive) Hill giants(agressive) and lesser demons (agressive) so bring along some food.  Locked chest is in the Lava Maze and to open the chest you have to maually click on the key then the chest. if you have a ring of kinsmanship (3)
you can use the low alch on the ring to alch the mithril daggers, What I prefer to do for max profit is to take 8 keys and use then on the chest one by one, and after every chest I would alch the dagger so i would have room for everything. so at then end you should have: 

8 uncut rubys
8 mithril bars
8 anchovie pizza
16 death
16 law runes
80 chaos
and (x) amount of coins.
and one steel plate body, if you didn’t bring any armour then you can wear and take back. 

sell at GE and Boom. or make multiple trips and stock up.
the closest area for F2P players is edgeville. use the edgevill bank and go north, cross the wild and keep heading north till you see lava. Then head west till you see a web that you can slash. Then follow the maze with the photo below to find yourself wallowing in cash. 
Link >

Method Number 2 
Skill Req: High enough combat to take on Hill Giants
Gp req: around 1k if you don’t have a brass key. 

First if you have a key then you probably know what this method is. So for people that don;t have the key you go to the GE and buy a brass key. then you head south from the GE then toward barbarian village (Gunnersgrun)  when you reach the bridge before you enter barbarian village head north and use your key on the door of the little tiny shed looking building. then climb down, 
and fight hill giants and collect everything they drop, again here if you have low alch on your explorers ring (2,3 or 4) then you can use it on any sort of equipment they might drop, you have multiple Goals here if you want to gain max amount of profit, kill the giants collect big bones, runes, and limprut roots that they might drop then sell at GE. if you choose to you can bury the Big bones for Prayer xp and collect everything else and alching the unwanted items for magic xp and some cash.

Method Number 3
Skill req: Woodcutting of 60 and a Hatchet preferably a rune 
Gp req: none

OK this method is very common, first you lv up your wood cutting to 60 and then start cutting yew logs they can be found in various parts of the RuneScape world so look for them, basically cut wood and sell for profit, high chance of getting a random event so Good luck

Method 3
Skill Req: fishing of lv40 (40 is minimum but i suggest you lv it up a bit more before trying to batch lobsters)
Gp Req: 60gp for a round trip to karmja and back. and a Lobster pot

go to Port Sarium and set sail to Karimja and as soon as you land, follow the path and when you see an opening on the right go pass the bannanna trees and end up at the fishing spot in karmja.  
cage for lobsters and when you have a full inventory of lobsters head toward the volcano on the karmja and find an npc named stiles repeat as many times as you want!

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