RuneScape Level 1-99 Cooking Guide (F2P)

A Guide to get 99 Cooking in Runescape.

The Cooking Skill Cape is the easiest skill cape to get in F2P Runescape. The cape gives you +9 in all Defense skills. The cape will also give you a +4 Prayer Bonus if it is trimmed. You can aquire this cape from the Head Chef in the Cooking guild when you reach level 99 Cooking. You have to be members and have 100k on you. The main location you will be cooking at is the Al-kharid range. This is the closest range to the bank and it is safe. You should only be using this guide if you have atleast 4 or 5 million to spare.

Cooking is not really a profitable skill so you will be losing money. Sorry, but when you get to a higher level that is when you can start making money by cooking Pizzas.

1 – 5 Cook Anchovies

5 – 10 Cook Herring

10 – 20 Cook Mackeral

20 – 30 Cook trout    

30 – 50 (or 99) Cook Salmon   *If you want it the cheap way cook Salmon all the way to 99.

50 – 68 Cook Tuna

68 – 99 Cook Lobster  

68 – ** Cook Pizza * This is expensive to buy a bulk amount, but these usually give you profit when you cook them. You stop burning them at level 68.

I hope you liked this guide and have fun getting that 99 Cooking.

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