RuneScape: Level 1-99 Hunter Guide

This guide will break down the process of achieving level 99 in the hunter skill. It is written by an experienced player who has examined the ins and outs of the skill so that you don’t have to!


Quick breakdown of the guide:
1-19: Crimson Swift.

19-43: Tropical Wagtails.

43-63: Falconry.

63-99: Red Chinchompas.



Hello everybody,

So, you want to get level 99 hunter. This is a moderately difficult skill, with the experience gain rate at high levels averaging around 70-75k per hour. The allure of this skill, is usually the money! After level 99 hunter, there are methods of training which bring the possibility of gaining up to 2million gold pieces or more per hour, depending on grand exchange market price fluctuations of ‘Grenwall spikes’. This however is not a money-making guide, it is a leveling guide; so let us begin investigating how to train the hunter skill to level 99.


All items required for hunter may be bought from a hunting store (The one most easily accessible is located in Yanille) or off of the grand exchange, usually almost instantly.

3 x Bird Snare.

The reason for these is because you will be starting hunter by training on ‘Crimson Swift’ birds, and then changing to ‘tropical wagtails’. Note: If you regularly experience connection issues then I advise buying 5-10 of these, becuase if you disconnect while they are not in your inventory, you will lose them.

5 x Box Trap.

You will use these on “red chinchompa”, and possibly “white chinchompa” if you choose to hunt those (Not advised by this guide). Once again, if you regularly experience connection issues, please make sure to buy atleast 10 box traps instead.

500-5000  x Gold pieces.

These will be used to pay to the falconer so that you may use the falconry hunter area. It is technically 500 gold pieces but I have had connection issues in the past which have made me need to buy another falcon. It is a long distance from anywhere so if you log out and lose your falcon you don’t want to have to go all the way to a bank before you can train again. That’s why I include the additional 4500 gold pieces.

1-99 breakdown

Level 1-19: Crimson Swifts.

Crimson Swifts are birds, and so you will need to bring a bird snare. The Crimson Swifts are located in the ‘Feldip hills’ hunter location south of Yanille. They are located all over the beach on the far east side of the hunter area.

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