RuneScape Level 99 Combat Hack

This guide will teach all of you Runescape lovers out there how to level up in the fastest ways possible. And believe me I used this method and currently im level 83. Trust me THIS WORKS!

The Guide to leveling up in Runescape                                                  

lvl 1-20

Right now your new to the game of Runescape and very vulnerable so dont go fighting lvl 304 mithril dragons in the wilderness when theres probably a 99% chance that you would die in one hit! I would suggest that you fight anything near lumbridge such as goblins, cows, rams, spiders, men and woman, and rats. These monsters will give you great experience and you will be lvl up quickly in no time.

lvl 21- 35

By now your probably getting more experienced with the game and need bigger stronger things to kill thats why I suggest that you start to kill Al-kharid warriors in Al-Kharid (the desert looking place) then when you get to about lvl 29 kill the scorpions in the mining pit north of the palace in Al-Kharid they pretty easy to kill if you have the right weaponary and armour equiped and sometimes the people mining there might pay you to kill them which is pretty cool.

lvl 36-50

First you need to get a brass key from somewhere, now go west of Varrock near the grand exchange and find a small house use the brass key to unlock the door and go down the hole. Now you will be in a room filled with lvl 28 hill giants. Fight them or if you want instead go to the end of the room and you find yourself in a hallway with a few lvl 24 zombies and at the end of that hallway you will find some lvl 25 hobogoblins if you choose to kill those you will get some decent experience from them.

lvl 51-80

By now you should be killing monsters that are quite high lvls like lvl 50 red spiders lvl 56 cockroach warriorsor anything around those lvl regions. Another thing I used to kill was lvl lvl 33 black knights they really helped me along these lvls

lvl 80+

Right now you should just explore deep into the wilderness and find monsters suitble to fight for example I am currently fighting lvl 80 lesser demons they do great for my leveling up.

So thats the end of my guide I hope it helped a lot and remember keep leveling up!!!!

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  1. Matthijs
    Posted February 22, 2010 at 5:09 am

    quite a nice guide, though it says nothing specific about the armor you should use.

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