RuneScape Loot Glitch


You know how when your trying to pick up the loot, but then when you right click it the thing just keeps going away? You hate how the looters all stand there and you can’t left click? Theres a shit load of loot in front of you and you can’t even pick it up? Well, here’s a way to troll people back.

Get an imp and have it follow you. Then when you see someone die, run over the goodies and start resummoning your imp back and forth. Just spam click that shit and the guy will have an hard time looting the shit up and you might get something good.

To get an imp, you need to get a champion scroll, which is a hard thing to get sometimes (it’s by luck). Instead of using an imp, you can use a compost mound to replace it. (summoing) just spam click the summon button while standing on the goodies. Then you can pick up the loots after.

Trolling kids is fun this way, but sometimes they still manage to get some of the good loots.

Have fun

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