RuneScape Magic Guide

Jealous of high-hitting mages? Use this guide to beat them at their own game.

This guide requires buying lots of runes, so if you have little money, then I suggest you check out one of my money-making guides before this one ( 1 , 2 , 3 , or 4). Or if this isn’t your main or you don’t want to have to collect lots of money, then you can fog (fist of guthix) because it gives you runes to use inside the game.

Level 1-20:

Get 1k (1,000) air and mind runes. That should be more than enough to get to level 20 magic. If you want to train magic faster, then get some water, earth, and fire runes as well. Use the highest level strike (air – fire strike) that you can. If you don’t have a high defense, then I suggest finding a place where you aren’t attacked if you attack the monster. A good place would be cows near Lumbridge.

Magic does more damage when attacking NPC’s (non-player characters) with melee armour on. If you aren’t interested in raising your hp level while leveling your magic, then do the Imp Catcher quest and the Witch’s Potion quest. Doing so would raise your magic level to 10 without raising your hp level. From there, you can use curses. To use curses, you will need 489 water, 326 earth, and 163 body runes. When cursing, you don’t raise hp levels. It would also be wise to wear melee armour when cursing as doing so allows you to curse indefinitely on the same monster without having to switch or wait for the monster.

Level 20-41:

Get 6k air runes and 3k chaos runes. Again, get some water, earth, and fire runes to speed up the process. Use the highest level bolt (air – fire bolt) that you can. If you were fighting cows, I would suggest finding another monster that has more hp, maybe skeletons and ghosts in the Varrock sewers. If you decide to do this, then get on the side opposite of the skeletons and ghosts and shoot them from there.

At level 39 magic, you can cast crumble undead on these monsters to hit them harder. If you are a pure and still wanting to keep 10 hp (I wouldn’t reccomend this), then continue to curse.

Level 41-55:

You can continue to use fire bolt or crumble undead, or you can now use wind blast. It will take 6k chaos if you decide to continue with fire bolt or crumble undead, 5k deaths if you decide to use wind blast. At level 43, you can use superheat item, so that is another way. This is very profitable for both f2p (free to play) and members if you have at least 50 smithing.

Buy the mith ores and coal, then get a fire staff and some natures and smelt them into mith bars (lowest available bars that make it profitable). Then sell them for a profitable price (don’t forget the price of the natures) to buyers on the forums.

Level 55+:

You can continue with whatever you’ve been doing, or you can now switch to high alching items. High alching, if done correctly can also be profitable for you. At level 59 magic, you can use fire blast, which is the most powerful spell on f2p worlds. The max hit is 16 without prayer.

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    its ok………….but i was hoping you was going to tell about a ancient pure

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