RuneScape Merchanting 2012

Learn how to merch the newest and best way here.

This is one of the best ways to merch and make big bank. The key part to this way of merching is through the clan chat. Also be sure to do all these steps at the Grand Exchange. Follow these steps

Step 1 Create a good clan chat name, something along the lines of FastMoney, Getgold, or Lotsofgp.

Step 2 Now you must get as many people to join your clan chat as possible by advertising it. Say something like, “Make Millions by joining ____ merch clan NOW. The more people you get to join your clan, the more money you will end up making 

Step 3 Now that you have a great number of people in you clan, you must pick the item you will be merching wisely. You want a item that cannot be easily obtained or made like a piece of rune armor or some kind of magical amulet. You don’t want a item that is being made by the thousands daily, like coal or a type of tree logs.

Step 4 Now that you have decided what item you want to merch, go buy as many of that item you are willing to pay for. Now tell your clan the item you will all be merching and make the clan title the name of the item so everyone knows. Now as the demand for the item goes up, so does the price.

Step 5 As soon as you think the price has gone up high enough for your liking, sell all of your items you had bought for the merch. After that, tell the rest of your clan to do the same.

A soon as you tell everyone to sell or “dump”, will mean everyone is now trying to sell with no one buying. So in the end your the only one making loads of cash. isn’t that great!=)

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