RuneScape Mining Strategies

Runescape mining strategies for money and leveling.

For Money:

At lower levels (1-40) mining iron ore is the most profitable.

From 40-80 your going to want to mine coal.

60-85 for F2P stick to the mining guild, mining coal and mithril ore. Once your level 70 go out the north entrance for adamantite ore every so often. (getting 45 dungeoneering for the resource dungeon in the mining guild is highly recommended as it has many mithril and adamantite rocks).

80-85 for members go to the living rock caverns and mine gold ore, this is extremely good exp and money and is good for training to 99.

85+ for both F2P and P2P get 45 dungeoneering and use the resource dungeon in the mining guild to mine runite ore. This can bring in revenue of 500k-1m/hr if you hop worlds and estimate the respawn times of the ore (12-25) minutes depending on the number of people in the world

For Levels:

At lower levels (45 and lower) mining iron will be the best experience providing up to 35k xp/hr using the mine 2 drop 2 strategy. (find two rocks right next to each other and mine them both then drop the ore and repeat to prevent banking)  If you decide to bank ores you will get maybe 20k xp/hr but will make a good share of money off iron ore. For F2P miners this will always be the best way of leveling even when you 60,70,80, 90, or 99 mining.

For P2P miners mining granite in the desert at 45 using the same mine and drop strategy will give the best xp/hr you will need water skins for this though. You can also use the iron method for F2P users but this is noticeably slower xp.

80-99 P2P miners will now have the living rock caverns gold ore deposit at their disposal. Using this will give you xp rates almost the same as granite but will provide you with some money (up to 250k/hr) so this is considered the best way of leveling mining. 

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