RuneScape Money Making: Easiest One Mill

The BEST guide to make that sought after million.

The Runescapers dream is to be rich and have all the best gear. This is the easiest and most time efficient way to do so. It all starts with picking the skill. The fastest money maker for free users is definitely mining or woodcutting. It doesn’t matter your level as long as you have an axe or pick axe in your inventory.

So once you’ve picked your skill you’ll need that spot to make you the most money at. The best place is on a low person world (best during weekdays on school hours). Go to your chosen spot.

Now for the secret, this is a downloadable program called EpicBot. It is a bot and it a free one at that. It can run while your away from the computer and it will bank items and everything. It can fight, cook, fish, mine. It can do almost everything. Just go to and download. It is safe and secure.

You may not find this legit, but I used it to start a personal business. I made tons of cash and bought armor and sold it to noobs. I also used it to create INSANELY high level pures.

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