RuneScape Most Expensive F2P Items

Okay everyone know how a Godsword or Dragon Equipment can be expensive in Runescape. But what about the F2P Items?

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Most Expensive F2P Items

1 – Christmas Cracker 688.8M

Where/how to get: It was only dropped on 2001 Christmas.

Information: Inside them, there is a random colored Party Hat, and a random item. To open it, you have to use it on another player. One player gets the Party Hat, and the other player gets the random item.

2 – Partyhats 332M~155.1M

Where/how to get: This hat was found inside a Christmas Cracker on Christmas, 2001.

Information: Price depends on color.

3 – Half Full Wine Jug 33.3M

Where/how to get: In the first years of RuneScape, drinking a Jug Of Wine would give the player a Half Full Wine Jug (which could be drunk again). An update eventually made it possible to only drink the whole jug at once, making it impossible to get new half full wine jugs.

Information: Drinking a half full wine jug heals 7 hitpoints, but players avoid drinking them due to their high value (it is therefore common to remove them as bank notes when trading them). It has no use and cannot be worn unlike most other discontinued items, but due to its rarity, the price is extremely high.

4 - Red/Blue Hallowen Mask 31.7M and 23.4M

Where/how to get: This mask was dropped on 2002, Halloween.

Information: The Green Halloween Mask is not here because it’s cheaper than the 5Th item.

5 – Santa Hat 20.5M

Where/how to get: Was dropped on Christmas 2002.

6 – Green Hallowen Mask

Where/how to get: This mask was dropped on 2002, Halloween.

7 - Disk of Returning 12.4M

Where/how to get: Back in RuneScape Classic, there was once a Black Hole where Banned Players were put, and they could never get out. A Normal Player could still visit the hole, but had to buy a Disk of Returning to get out again by spinning the Disk. The Black Hole is removed from the game, and the shop where you could buy the disk is no longer there, so you can only buy the disk from other players, making it very rare and expensive.

8 - Zamorakian Spear 3.1M

Where/how to get: Dropped by K’ril Tsutsaroth and Tstanon Karlak in the God Wars dungeon.

Information: The Zamorakian spear has the same special attack as the Dragon Spear, Shove. The special attack deals no damage to your opponent, but forces them back away from you and stuns them for a short time. It uses 25% of the special attack energy. The special attack can not be used against large monsters.

9 – Corrupt Dragon Battleaxe

Where/how to get: Rare drop from killing another player in PvP worlds or Bounty worlds or can be bought from the Grand Exchange.

Information: A Corrupt dragon battleaxe has the same stats as a regular Dragon Battleaxe, but will degrade when equipped and turn into dust after 30 minutes of use. Unlike regular dragon items, corrupt items can also be used in free-to-play worlds, but special attacks can only be used in member worlds. Corrupt dragon items often cost more than regular dragon items, so they are mainly used in free worlds where there are no better weapons or armor.

10 – Rune Gold Trimmed Armor Set (l)/(sk) 2.2M and 1.9M

Where/how to get: Bought in the Grand Exchange.

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Liked it
  1. Posted September 2, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    Nice list! Btw, Zamorakian Spear is member only. I’ve tried to buy that in GE F2P but couldn’t find it.

  2. Posted September 2, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Thanks for the comment. But I think that’s just not in the F2P GE so if you buy it from a Member Player out of GE, you can get and use it.

  3. Posted September 7, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    it takesss so long to get one of these items!!

  4. Posted September 8, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    Yeah, unfortunately…
    But maybe selling Godswords when we turn Memb can give us money to buy the Phats? ^^

  5. billybobob
    Posted September 26, 2009 at 12:00 am

    omg that is wronge.
    where are is the zammy armor sets and the saradomin armor sets they are worth more than gold trimmed rune

  6. Ankit
    Posted May 14, 2010 at 12:17 am

    are you sure Zamorakian Spear can be used in f2p.??

  7. Zehamberglar
    Posted May 20, 2010 at 12:38 am

    Zammy spear is NOT f2p at all. Don’t let him tell you otherwise. He’s an idiot and this isn’t really a good list. Rune (g) is less than half of Sara armor. And about half of Zammy Armor. And Guthix is still more than Gold trim.

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  9. Im a secret
    Posted June 2, 2011 at 11:55 am

    the highest f2p price of a item i can find is a blue p’hat worth 1.7b!!!!

    try buying that!

  10. Posted July 8, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Of course it’s outdated… Look at the dates, man…. LOL

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