RuneScape New Skill Ninja

Ninja skill.

Hi,I’m gonna tell you about a skill of my choice for run would be a skill for ranged,strength,attack,defence and Ninja would be a skill for people who don’t have Lot of money,they attack with their hand,so they don’t need to buy expensive sword or weapon.

Item needed or optional.

 belt. white belt , yellow belt , red belt ,black belt , brown belt

ninja costume, ninja shirt , ninja pants , ninja hat , ninja gloves.

throwing disk would be for ranger and would cost about 150 GP each , and all belt would have a level to wear white level 1,yellow , red belt , black belt , brown belt level 99.

skill cape and milestones.

No quest would be needed for the skill , the skill master would be master zen and you go get your cape there for 99.000 GP ,No mini game would be particularly made for the skill.

Max hit and potion.

Now i will talk to you a subject everyone is curious of what is gonna be the max hit at 99? Max hit at 99 would be 25 with hand but if you get the equipment bonus : ninja costume and brown belt you can hit up to 34.

Frequently asked question.

Question:Does ninja affect your combat level? answer:I don’t know yet maybe not.

Question:What is the cape emote? answer:I don’t know I’m still looking at it.                                                

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