RuneScape Nex Videos – First Successful Duo Killing Nex

Runescape Nex Videos – First successful duo killing Nex.

Here are 2 Runescape players that were successful at killing Nex, here is the video!.

Well, they did use a “safe spot” so they wouldn’t get hit by Nex but hey they didn’t actually glitch it so i guess this was a good strategy to defeat her, i remember that before JaGex updated the corporeal beast you could stand under him and you wouldn’t get hit, later JaGex added an “Stomp” ability to the corporeal beast… So i wouldn’t be surprised if they added this very same feature to Nex.

Also, this trip took them 1 Hour so i wouldn’t recommend it unless you get extremely lucky it will be kinda pointless.

Now ave Fun playing Runescape and if you’d like to read a full guide on how to kill Nex, click on the following link!:

Runescape how to kill Nex – Nex guide – Guide to defeat Nex.

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