RuneScape Non-member Guide to Cooking

Cooking is one of the fastest stats in the game. Here are some ways of training it.

Cooking is one of the fastest skills to training in Runescape. This allows high-level food to be cooked to be used when killing strong monsters.

Low level (1 – 40)

When low level, it is a good idea to train cooking along side fishing. Generally, you want to cook things like shrimp, crayfish, beef and chicken. These provide decent experience while can be trained along side another skill.

As you progress, switching to higher level foods is a good idea. This applies mainly to fishing, as higher level fish also provide better fishing experience.

Cooked shrimpCrayfishCooked meatCooked chicken

Mid level (40 – 60)

Around this point, you should be cooking mainly fish. A good option is to cook trout and salmon, caught using fly-fishing. These will provide some of the fastest fishing experiences, as well as helping your cooking. At these levels, you shouldn’t be burning many of these.


High level (60 – 99)

By the time you reach this level, you should probably focus on buying your ingredients from the Grand Exchange. salmon and trout are still good to use, although lobsters would be better around level 73-74 when you stop burning them. Cooking could be done at the Grand Exchange, where many people make fires near the banks.


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