RuneScape: Power-leveling Guide (In Daemonheim)

Even though you can’t take it out, Daemonheim is the fastest and easiest way to get cash. Wondered how to use the cash? Read on…

  To start things off, I will be using a crafting guide as an example (because that’s what i’m doing now). I choose this method mostly because of the absurdly large quantities of cash. First off, start a level that is the lowest that you can go. Complete the level as normal, but before you fight the boss, you can do 2 things. You can fight the boss normally, and waste time, but also get Dungeoneering EXP. Or, you can skip the boss fight and go right to the next section , which is in (ENTER!!!) steps.

  1. sell EVERYTHING that you have and that is in the level (excluding a needle and some string.) If you have no string, buy a few strands
  2. buy as much of the -mastyx hide as you can (i.e. promastyx for lvl. 7, submastyx for level 13, etc.)and craft the highest level items you can with the armor.
  3. repeat step 1and 2  until you run out of cash.

In conclusion, you aren’t limited to crafting. You can buy wood for fire making, fish for cooking, and the list goes on. Virtually anything can be trained in Daemonheim if you can buy it! (and, of course, have the funds!)

*if you notice that there’s either a small error, or a better way to power level in Daemonheim, or have any other final thoughts, PLEASE put it in the comments below. I would like to help you, and if you tell me how to help you, I can be even more efficient! (and you’re helping out all the people that read the comments, too) NO BASHING ANYONE/ANYTHING WITHOUT REASON*

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