RuneScape PvP Help

Need help? 10 steps to becoming pro!!!

have you ever wanted to be one of the best players in runescape? wanted to just march into pvp and kill everyone in your way? well here is something you can do that will help you do that!!!!

1. create your lvl 3 account. doesn’t matter how you make him/her look, or what the name is. just make one.

2. go get the training sword and shield from the meele tutor in lumbridge, and go kill some chickens.

3. do it until your about lvl5  combat.(train strength) make sure you pick up all the feathers and keep them

4. go to the grand exchange and sell all your feathers. then buy some shrimps.

5.go to edgeville and into the house where there are lots of men. start killing them and get their bones. the bank is like 15 steps south of the house, so just bank them after getting a full inventory. 

6. train until you get about 20str. then train your att to 5. then train str aain until you get to 40.

7. now, if you want to you can go to a pvp world and start kiling people. make sure to get good food (tunas will be good enough), a full iron set, a cape, gloves, boots steel scim and strengh potion. If you don’t want to start killing people yet, then go and keep training.  

8. when you go into the world, there will be many people that would want to kill you using the scim/2h technique. But since your not using that technique, you’d have the advantage of always being cautious of your health, and the enemy’s  health. Just take a sip from the str pot and keep slicing them till they die!! 

9.keep an eye on their max hit and make sure your hp is above it when they switch to their 2h. also, know about how much health the opponent has left, because it can lead to succsess.(if you know he had about 7 hp left, while you had 9 hp, and you are going to strike first. will you take the risk? i know i would)

10. stay away from mages!!!!! in low levels, they can hit you hard and fast and kill you before you can eat. Rangers are a bit dangerous as well, but the good thing is, they have to eat, attack, pick up arrows, and maybe switch, so they won’t be as alert and that may be your killing shot!!!

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