RuneScape – Quest Cape Guide

A guide for those that are aiming to getting the quest cape.

The quest cape probably one of the most easiest and funnest cape of accomplishment one can get. It is very easy and can be accomplished in the shortest amount of time. It is the cheapest (if you don’t count collecting skills like fishing or mining) and allows a player to access every single area in Runescape.

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Like all other capes of accomplishments, you need your mind set on the goal. You want to finish quests in the fastest way possible. You need to get the skills required and you got to be willing to risk alot of your cash if you are going to have a chance of getting the cape. Monsters you have to face will include: the Sea Troll Queen, Skeletal Horror, Culinaromancer, The Inadequacy, Nezikchened and Damis just to name a few.

Image from Runescape wiki.

The stats required to complete all quests is as follows:

Attack – 40

Strength – 69

Defence -65

Ranged -75

Prayer -55

Magic – 75

Runecrafting -50

Construction -50

Agility -69

Herblore -65

Theiving -66

Crafting -66

Fletching -70

Slayer -59

Hunter -61

Mining -64

Smithing – 69

Fishing -62

Cooking -70

Firemaking -61

Woodcutting -75

Farming -65

Summoning – 41

However, some stats (especially combat or combat related) would benefit with a higher level. The lowest levelled you can be with a quest cape is 85.

When you have all these stats, you will have no trouble getting the cape. when killing the bosses, look at guide on the quest to help you get through the quest and to tell what armour to wear and food to bring to the boss.

A player performing the Quest point cape emoteThe Quest cape

Images from Runescape wiki.

And maybe soon, you will get to join the people above like I did so very long ago. To help keep the cape, advance in your skills constantly as sometimes, there maybe a quest that requires higher stats!

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