RuneScape Quest Guide – Chef`s Assistant

Runescape Quest Guide for Chef`s Assistant.

Runescape Quest Guide

Chef`s Assistant

Quest level: Very Easy

Quest length: Short


              Skills: None

Items: Pot or pot of flour, Bucket or Bucket of milk, Egg,

Reward: 300 cooking XP, ability to use the range in Lumbridge Castle (Burns less often), 1 Quest Point

Quest Walkthrough

1. Start

Go to Lumbrige Castle. If you get lost, use the free teleport to Lumbridge magic spell. You can use this spell once every 30 minutes. Go to the kitchen in the castle. Talk to the chef. He will need some ingredients for making a cake for the king.

2. Obtaining the items

Milk: Buy a bucket from the general store. Use your bucket with a dairy cow in a cow in Lumbridge.

Egg: West of the cow pen are some chickens. There should be an egg on the ground close to the chickens. Pick one up.

Flour: Buy a Bucket from the General store. Go northwest of the caste to the windmill. Pick some grain outside the windmill. Go to the top floor of the windmill and use the grain on the hopper. Pull the lever next to the hopper. Go back to the first floor of the windmill and use your pot on the flour. You will get a pot of flour.

3. Finish

Go back to the chef and give him all the items. He will let you use his range from now on.

NOTE: The range that the chef lets you use is a special range that burns food less often. It is advised to use this range then other ranges or fires.


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