RuneScape Quitters

Many people are coming to runescape, but more and more people are leaving. Heres what I have to say.

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Im one of the many people who very much enjoy Runescape. I love Runescape so much, i’m going t be a member. While playing, i’ve aquired some knowledge about other gamers. First of all, not many people wish to just help you, there is usually something in it for them. If they start acting nice, maybe they want to be a moderator. If they sell you something cheap, maybe they bought it cheaper. These are a couple of examples of modern day Runescape gamers. Now what happens when they get board of there account. Here are a few things they will probably do.

1. Quit. Sound simple? This is what many Runescape players are doing. They just quit there account. They dont give away there password, they simply stop. A majority of people bored on Runescape do just this. These are my least favorites.

2. Quit but give. This is a very nice guessture. They give away money, stuff and occasionally accounts. This is what most people should do. This is the minority, but your very fortunate to find them. I like these people because they are kind. Unfortunately, they’re not my favorite.

3. Scam. Thats right, they get bored and so they scam. They start googling Runescape scams. It is not that hard, but for the sake of triond, I won’t say how. Scamming varies from account stealing to the every-day money scam. These are my favorite of bored Runescape players, and dont ask me why. I dont scam but i definitely know how.

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  1. Posted August 12, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    interesting read on how you play the game, good luck.

  2. Posted October 28, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    rune scape is awsome but the problem is i cant make an account i lost my old on and it will not let me make anothere could u pls put some old accouants u dont use for me pls i will raelly apriceate it xx thnx

    p.s send them to this

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