RuneScape R2h Pure!

The best runescape pure you can make in free-to-play. And heres how to do it!

I will write this guide is a couple of steps.

This guide is made for free to play only. I will make this guide based on how I personally made my pure and how I did it. However I did not finish my training but I know from Multiple sources how to finish it.

Step 1.: First you must create an account for runescape. Since this runescape account will be used for pking, MAKE SURE YOU DONT MAKE IT OBVIOUS THAT YOU ARE A PURE! something random like cheesecake3245 or anything someone wouldnt guess you to be a pure.

Step 2.: Ok so now you got a pure created. Do the tutorial and make sure you do not level in attack,strength, or defense, magic, prayer, or summoning level. You should only be leveling in range and  Hitpoints!

Step 3.: From there, first you need some gear before you train, and a bow and arrow since the new tutorial does not provide you with one. Go to the northern city pass lumbridge and pass the  druids and come to the next city of varrock. In North eastern part of varrock there is a arrow shop. Use the map if you get lost. Trade with the seller and at the top you are allowed a free bow and a stock of free 30 bronze arrows. These refill every 30minish in case you run out. Now for the training. Also whenever you have enough money, and enough range, BUY THE HIGHEST BOW YOU CAN!, and always stick with bronze arrows. (buy as much as you can whenver you can afford) For other equipement do not buy until told further in guide. Also always pick your arrows up until told not do so further in the guide.

Step 4. Levels 1-5: Run back to Lumbridge and by the chicken farm range the chickens from levels 1-5 on Accurate or Rapid style. Never Longrange because it trains defense exp. Collect the feathers that it drops so you sell them at the Grand Exchange in varrock for around 15 gp each. Also feathers stack so if you train there for 1-10 it will be good source of money income as well.

Step 5. Levels 5-15: Right across from there Cows. They are good exp. You can also pick up the hides and sell them for 100 gp like alot of people do. But really nobody thinks about those bones on the ground. They sell for more because people sell them for prayer exp. Cowhides do not even sell that quick anymore either so don’t listen to their false information.

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