RuneScape: Range Weapons

An analysis of the range weapons available in Runescape, comparing the best and their advantages.

Range weapons come in many forms. Here are some of the best and how they compare.

Magic Shortbow

Image from the Runescape Wiki

The Magic Shortbow is the strongest shortbow in the game, using all arrows up to rune. It has a 69 range attack, and is a simple yet effective weapon.

The Magic Shortbow’s special attack shoots 2 arrows in rapid succession. With proper timing, this can mean that 3 arrows are shot at once.

The use of the Magic Shortbow is very limited. Due to its high attack speed, it a good choice for PvP, being cheap to replace if you die. Using the Magic Shortbow to light a fire can help you cook food when you need to.

The disadvantage of the Magic Shortbow is its relatively low accuracy. This means that other weapons are more favourable in most situations.

Crystal Bow

A detailed image of the Crystal bow

Image from the Runescape Wiki

The Crystal Bow is the strongest bow in the game, and requires the completion of Roving Elves to use. When fully charged, it has a 100 range attack power and 70 range strength, the most powerful bow in the game! However, this comes with price of losing power when it losses a charge. This occurs every 250 shots, and reduces the range attack by 4 and the range strength by 2. Instead of arrows, the Crystal Bow uses charges as ammunition.

When the Crystal Bow runs out of charges, it will revert to a crystal seed, which is charged back into a Crystal Bow. This costs 900k the first time, but becomes cheaper every time you charge it, with a minimum cost of 180k.

To recharge Crystal Bows, you need to see Ifeen in Tirannwn.

Image from the Runescape Wiki

The main advantage of this bow is its high accuracy and decent damage. Possible locations this is used includes for training slayer and in the Fight Caves. Due to the need to recharge the bow, it is not recommended for training at one location for a long time.

The disadvantage of the Crystal Bow is its need to be constantly recharged, as well as the lack of a special attack. Running out of charges and needing a new bow may mean you need to bring a few extra before going to train.

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