Runescape: Rangers Armor

Details for the best rangers armor in game.

This is a normal range outfit for rangers that have level 70+ range.
Of course, this is an opinion, you can wear however you want.

However I think this will be a better choice.

  • Range skill cape
  • Robin hood hat
  • Archer ring
  • Black d’hide body
  • Black d’hide chap
  • Crystal bow
  • Barrow glove
  • Amulet of fury

For range skill cape, you can replace it with obby cape as well.

For bows, you can replace it with magic bow, dark bow, ect.
Also gloves, black d’hide works fine.

Here are the details:

Robin Hood Hat(2.7m-3m)
This requires ranged level of 40 to wear. They can only be received from level three clues, or players.

Archer Ring(1.2m-1.4m)
It is recommended to use this while training Ranged, if you do not wish to wear a Ring of wealth or Ring of life.

Black D’hide Body(7k-9k)
Require 40 Defence, and 70 Ranged. A black d-hide body is the best dragon hide armor the game. Also
Require level 84 Crafting and 3 black tanned dragon hides to craft. (258 experiences)

Black D’hide Chap(3k-4k)
Black d’hide chaps can be equipped with 70 ranged. There is no defence requirement to equip black d’hide chaps, and are the best d’hide chaps in the game. These require level 82 crafting and 2 black tanned dragon hides to craft. (172 experience)

Crystal Bow(860k-960k)
Crystal bow requires 70 Range and 50 Agility and Roving Elves completed. The bow has 2,500 shots before it must be recharged. It wastes no arrows and hits higher than Rune Arrows, and is 80% more accurate than a Magic bow, but is much slower. The bow slowly loses its rating as it runs out of arrows.

As the rating decreases from 10/10, the range attack bonus decreases also. When it finishes, you have to get it recharged for a fee of 900k. The more times you get it recharged, the price goes down until it costs 180k each time. If you plan on selling your crystal bow, don’t store it in your bank, or otherwise it will revert to 10/10 [full].

Barrow Glove (price not available)

You can buy barrow gloves from the Culinaromancers’ chest for 100,000gp if you have completed all 10 parts of the. Recipe for Disaster quest and have defeated the Culinaromancer. 70 Defence is required to wear the gloves.

Amulet of Fury(2.9m-3.3m)
The amulet of fury is an incredibly powerful amulet, but doesn’t have a teleport option like the glory. 90 crafting is required to make this.

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    Posted February 22, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    Sorry no name didn’t know there was some1 named no name wirting here! I have been commenting on others using the name “no name” SOZ!!!!!!!!

  2. runescapepro
    Posted August 24, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    Nice equipment but it is very expensive haha. Also you didn’t include what your boots were. :-)

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