RuneScape “Rare” Names

An article describing rare names on RuneScape and how to get them.

Note:To take full advantage of this article, you must be a RuneScape member.

What is a rare name?

Many players claim that all names on RuneScape are rare as only 1 player can have the name. However, names like jdawg13423 are not rare at all. Granted, you may like your name, and that’s fine. Most rare names are 2-4 characters, although they don’t have to be that long. Examples of rare names include: Fire, RS, BK, Sky, and Rune. Even though most 2 letter names don’t make sense, they are rare because you can no longer make them. If you want a truly rare name you’ll have to devote a little time to getting a name. It’s not hard at all, it just takes patience and knowledge.

How do you know when a name is open?

This is the part that most people do not know about. To find out when a name is open, you should use your ignore list. It should be empty before attempting this. When you think of a name you’d like to have, add that name to your ignore list. If the name shows up on your ignore list as random numbers, check if it is available immediately! If the name is different when you add it to your ignore list, hover your mouse over the name. If it says “Last known as:(insert name you want here)” That means the name will be open soon, it depends on how long ago the person changed their name. It could be anywhere from 1-30 days before it is open, so I advise making a notepad file and writing down the names that will be available soon, and check the availability every day.

More Information

I think Jagex has stopped this as of late, but Jagex had been clearing names of inactive accounts. What this means is if they start up again you could get an extremely rare account name! For example, the account named Rune is inactive. Jagex would free up the name, and if you knew when they were doing it, you could get the name eaisily. The problem is however, determining where Jagex is at. For example, if AA were to be cleared, the next candidate to be cleared would be AB. If you can find out Jagex’s current location in the alphabet, finding rare names would be a breeze.


Many people wouldn’t want you to know this, but I’ve decided to share with you. Good luck on getting your rare name! You could even sell an account with a rare name for real money, even though I don’t advise this. You can do as you wish however. My last word of advice would be to be persistent, you will get something good eventually!

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