RuneScape Runecrafting Guide 1-99

This is a guide on how YOU! YES YOU!! Can reach level 99 RuneCrafting!

Items You will need…

All Talismans (Can also be tiaras or the omni-tali/tiara, staves work too)

Boots of Lightness

Spotted/Spottier Cape

Minion that can either Carry Essence or has scrolls that give you Running Energy back!

Items you will need, for the Abyss… (From Natures and Up)

RuneCrafting Pouches


Ancient Teleport Runes (Edgeville Tele) OR Glory Amulet’s (Charged)

Starting off…

Finish the Rune Mysteries (Free) quest in order to start runecrafting…

Level 1-14

Craft Air runes by running from the Falador East bank to the Air Altar and back again. Do this until you can make Fire Runes (Level 14) – Be sure that you ONLY use Rune Essence for these otherwise you lose much money. If you have Pure Essence and you want to use it on Runes like this, sell it for a nice price on the Grand Exchange then buy Rune Essence with what you get, you get many more runes and Overall: More EXP!

Level 14-27 (14-99 for Non-Members)

Non-Members, use the Al Kharid Bank and rush between the Fire Altar and the Bank. This can make you a hefty amount of fire runes and MUCH EXP.

Members, you can do the same thing OR also… use a Ring of Dueling to teleport to the Dueling Arena (Now you are CLOSE to the altar) then after crafting the runes, just use the Ring to bank at Castle Wars! Do this until you reach 27, unless you want to do more. When you start my next step, be sure that you start using PURE ESSENCE. For members’ runes, ONLY Pure essence will work.

Level 27-44 (or 27-35 with my side option…)

Go into the Lost City and head over to the bank. Then use your map to make your way to the Cosmic Altar, make Cosmics until level 44.

Side Option: At 35 you can either keep making Cosmic Runes or you can start making Chaos runes. There is only one side effect to Chaos Rune-Making. You can’t run the the altar… it will take WAY too long.

Choice 1: Finish the miniquest that allows you to use the Shortcut to the altar, and use varrock teleport runes to get back to varrock.

Choice 2: Use the abyss. (Will be explained further Below!)

Level 44-54-65

From level 44 to 54 Use the abyss by making nature runes.

From 54 to 65 make Laws with the abyss (Note, when going to the law altar you CANNOT have ANY armor or weapons with you, so you will take slightly more damage from the abyss).

After 65…

Make Death Runes with the Abyss until you can make Blood Runes (77)

Level 77-92

Yet again more abyss, it is quick so thank me for it.

Level 92-99

After you have reached level 92 Runecrafting you can make 2x the Nature runes per Pure Essence, do so with the abyss, it is your long and tedious way to 99 but you make MUCH cash from it.


The Abyss:

Finish the miniquest then you can use it by right clicking the Zamorack Mage that is in level 6 wilderness above Edgeville (Follow the River). By going into the Abyss you lose all prayer points and you gain the skull (If you die you lose ALL items you are holding).

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  1. Posted December 15, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    As a non-member, you can get more EXP from Body runes than Fire runes. Best part is the Body altar is nearby the Edgeville Bank, so there’s not a long travel!

  2. Guest lol
    Posted December 29, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    a better nonmember way is getting runecrafting (earth) gloves, 2 times xp, im already at lvl 50 in just 4 days :p

  3. Posted October 26, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    zmi fool.

  4. ;jgnferopnt5rg
    Posted February 23, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    I got lvl 50 with earth crafting gloves in 3 days and it gave me around 100k when I got to lvl 50.

  5. fail guide
    Posted May 10, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Fail guide zmi till 91 then double nats. Double nats are available from level 91 onwards not 92… fail!!!

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