RuneScape Scamming 2012

With the new wilderness and free trade out once again due to the new update means the large amount of scamming that once took place in Runescape will be returning. Heres all you need to know about the new scamming going on.

There are so many ways out there to be scammed, so you must make sure that you are always aware of sneaky people out there and know the ways in which they scam so that you can be ready for there sneaky tricks. So here are a list of scams and how they work. Feel free to post any other scams that you think other people should no about.

Double the money 

This is when a player states that they can double your money, and just to prove it or gain your unworthy trust, they ask that you start off just giving them 10k and then they will give back double. They most often do just that and then say they can double a larger amount like 500k, then after they receive the 500k from you they log off. What you can do is back fire there own sneaky scam against them by giving them the 10k, so that they give you 20k then just stop there. Then you get to laugh at them for being so stupid. =D

Trimming armor 

Probably one of the most well known scams out there. Its when a player clams they can trim your armor for you and sometimes for a price to. They take your armor and then simply log out.

Trading fast

A player will be trading a item often for a really good deal. He may also say he will only trade if you trade fast. The item could be a 2 handed rune sword and just before the other player clicks the accept trade button, the scammer would switch the 2 handed rune sword to a iron 2 handed sword. The same thing can be done with coins, such as a player offering 500k then quickly changing it to 5k. That is why its always good to check the second pop up screen when trading to make sure nothing was changed.


Scammers will try to lure a player into dangerous areas such as the wilderness so that they can kill them. There are many different ways to do this, such as asking to trade in a dangerous area or having a drop party in the wilderness. 

Trading Games, Lets play a game!

When a player says to a large group of people to follow him to win a large amount of money such as something like 5m, then brings his followers to a more private area and says that who ever trades him the most valuable item wins the game therefor earning the 5m. After everyone gives him a item he logs out.

Password Scamming

A player might claim to be a worker for Jagex and be asking for your password to clarify some information. Or it could be a player says he is selling a account and offers you to trade him a large amount of coins for the name and password to that account which more then often doesn’t exist. Don’t ever give your password to anyone or any website for any reason .

I Got Hacked

Players saying they got hacked is just a nether form of begging and are most often lying to you, so that you feel bad for there sorry self’s and might just have that strong urge to give them some money.

Use Common Sense 

Any time a player is offering you a deal that’s to good to be true, Its most likely a SCAM! don’t be so gullible to everything you hear and you should be pretty safe. 

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