Runescape Screenshots

How to take a screen shot from Runescape all the way to how to edit it to make you look rich.

This guide will show you how to take a screen shot and then edit it:

Taking The Image

You need a screen shot taker. I recommend
kingkongcapture. It is free, can use it unlimited times and is very easy to use. I also suggest you use the capture selection thing.

Now go to some thing you want to take a screen shot of and start up King Kong capture if you haven’t already. Open the screen where you want to take the screen shot and right click on the icon of the King Kong. Now select “Capture Selection” and pick the stuff you want to screen shot.

Editing It

First you must find the picture and right click it. Then select edit , I recommend MS paint for the job. Now edit it as you like. If you want to erase some thing and add some thing so it looks real follow these steps:


Pretend I was to change this to look like I’m super rich:

So I take a screen shot of this, and copy it:

Now I paste it into my original picture to make it look real. The final picture will look like this:

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    Awesome! Never thought of it this way!

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    Posted November 4, 2007 at 5:12 pm

    im wondering is the monkey pic taking thingy have a virus?

  3. Owner
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    Nope :P

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    I’m lucky I have all that stuff.

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