RuneScape Secrets: An Easy Way to High Alch

A picture-filled and completely legal guide to high alch in RuneScape.

For those who don’t know, high alchemy (high alch) is a spell in Runescape which is used to convert an item into gold (gp). This guide will show you an easy was to high alch without screwing up. The method of high alching in this guide is completely legal so don’t worry about getting banned doing this.


  • Level 55 magic
  • The items you wish to alch (must be noted).
  • Nature runes (1 for every item you want to alch).
  • A staff of fire.
  • Windows XP, if you are using a Mac or Windows 7 computer please read this guide.

Once you have all the requirements follow these steps and you will be alching like a pro in no time!

Step 1

Set up your inventory/equipment like this:
• Nature runes in your first inventory spot (doesn’t matter that’s just what I do).
• Wield your staff of fire.
• Have the noted item that you are alching in the space third from the bottom on the left side of your inventory.

Step 2

Click “start” – then go to “Control Panel”

Click on “Accessibility Options”

Then click “Accessibility Options” again

Step 3

Click on the tab that says “mouse”. Then check the box that says “Use MouseKeys” and click Apply.

Now you can left click the mouse by pressing the “5″ key on the Num pad

Step 4

Now go into your magic spell book on Runescape and sit your mouse on the high alch spell. You won’t have to move your mouse again unless you get a random event so it would be good to put it out of the way so you don’t bump it.

Step 5

The next bit requires a bit of rhythm. All you have to do is count 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 in your head over and over, at about 1 count a second.

Now press the “5″ key on the Num pad every time you say 1 and 2. The first click will click on the high alchemy spell and the second click will click on the item in your inventory. Keep doing this until you’ve alched all your items.

NOTE: Be careful that you don’t go too quickly because if you do you won’t automatically go back to your spell book and you will have to grab your mouse and click back on it. Trust me it is annoying if it happens too much.

Now you can alch using only 1 finger on the “5″ key, once you get the hang of the timing you will be able to do it while watching TV and not make any mistakes. Or if you don’t have a TV in view, you could go to the duel arena and watch some fights to help pass the time.

Credit to my year 8 computer teacher for telling me about the 5 key things.

I just decided to use it for Runescape :D

I hope this guide helped you alching.

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    do u no how to get the second spell book thats non members

  5. hippie boy
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    ^^there is no second spell book for non members, there are 2 other spell books in members (lunar and ancients) they require quests to use and can not be used at the same time as the normal spell book

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    what can i high alch to win money??

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    is there anything i can buy at the G.E., alch, and make money still?

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    guys go to tzhaar cave where u fight the monsters and the mini game with the jad find a safe spot for the lvl 45’s and alch no randoms!

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    can this work with super heat item??????????

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    hey umm, if u dnt want randoms just go into soul wars no 1 in der but retards that reckon they can predict games and and good game callers , but honestly its just a guess and nice job!!! :)

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    What you do is, you buy 4-5 blue phats and alch them, for maximum profit!

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