RuneScape Smithing F2P Guide

This is a runescape guide to get very fast smithing experience and make big profit.

Hi everyone this is my f2p smithing guide:

Well everyone know that get smithing 99 can take years, the most popular ways are buy ores and then smelting them at any furnace in runescape, this way can takes thousands of hour depending which bars you are doing, the second way is smithing weapons and armour but this way is extremely expensive and getting the cash to 99 smithing may take you years.

Now i will tell you how to get smithing 99 very fast and making huge profit:


There is a spell called “superheat item”(Superheat item is a non combat Magic spell used to smelt ore without a furnace), The spell can be used by free players and members. Requirements for the spell:

  • Magic level 43 (Superheat item spell)
  • Each cast requires 4 fire runes and 1 nature rune (do not buy fire runes, use fire staff)
  • The ores required for the bar (for example if you are doing steel you need 2 coal and1 iron ore for each bar)
  • The smithing level required for each bar (for example for steel bars you need level 30 smithing)

How to get amazing quantities of money and experience this way:

  • You should do this at any bank in runescape ( I recommend varrock main bank )
  • Always do the better bars you can do (or afford to do)
  • If you are doing steel your inventory should be ordened like that : first extract 9 iron ores, then 18 coal, and the last place of your inventory should be for nature runes),
  • If you need to get very fast xp you can always use macro recorders( you may get a ban so its your risk)

How many experience and money i can make an hour(this are my own results and profit at actual prices (normal)):

  • If you are doing steel you can do up to 1870 (99110 magic experience, 28050 smithing experience) and around 150k profit
  • If you are doing mithril bars you can do up to 1400 ( 74200 magic experience, 42000 smithing experience) 140k profit
  • If you are doing adamant bars you can do up to 1200 ( 63600 magic exp, 48000 smithing exp) 200k profit
  • if you are doing runite you can do up to to 1200 ( 63600 magic exp, 60000 smithing exp) 250k profit

This results are for 1 hour of playing, i used jibit macro recorder to do this, prices are constatly changing so here you have a page to see the actual profit/loss of the bars

This way is the fastest way to get 99 mage in free to play and the best way to get 99 smithing without wasting millions of coins and thousands of hours(if you buy normail price at grand exchange)


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