RuneScape: Solomon’s General Store

New to RuneScape.

This new store was recently opened to the players of RuneScape, in an attempt to introduce new items while making money for them. This is controversial because it goes against the whole “real world trading” thing that Jagex was so uptight about since the beginning of the game.

The store includes just about everything that members can buy in Xuan’s reward tent: Clothing (outfits and accessories), Emotes (including ‘animations’ which change the appearance of some skills and spells), Equipment, and Titles.

To buy anything from Solomon’s General Store, one must possess ‘Runecoins’. Two-hundred free Runecoins are given for free. Members have a ten percent discount on all items. The cost for another 200 coins is $4.99 USD. Close to the amount for one month of membership.

In my opinion, I think the store is a huge rip off. Especially since Jagex would ban people for selling accounts and items for real world profit. Though the new items are interesting and a great idea, the way they are obtained is a bit unorthodox. I think it would be fair to throw them into the members’ Loyalty Shoppe, rather than offer the items up for a few bucks each. Sure this takes it away from non-members, but if they are wanted badly enough, membership could be bought and loyalty points could be earned.

The General Store is actually just like the Loyalty Shoppe, since all the points come from buying membership with dedication. The only difference is that the General Store sells the items right away, if you’ve got the cash to waste on fun virtual crap.

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