RuneScape Stat Training for Non-Members

There are not many things to do for non-members to help you train stats. But I’m going to tell you the best methods…

There many ways to train in Runescape for members but a limited amount of non-members. I’m going to be putting up the poor guide and a rich guide.


Train combat is hard of non-members. I would like to suggest kill goblins when you are low level until you are about level 30. This is where I would train on flesh crawlers in the dungeon of safety. Train here until you are level 56 where I would train and hill giants or cockroach workers (if you are will to spend heaps on food). Hill giants are usually crowded so I would really recommend killing cockroach workers. Cockroach workers drop decent items and are less crowded. If you are level 56, I would recommend killing them with a friend. Kill these until you are about level 100. When reach 100, kill cockroach soldiers. They maybe busier, but they drop better items. Lesser demons are not a good option as they are constantly busy and do not drop a large amount of items.


Prayer is usually a very expensive stat that cost 100 million gp to get to 99. To train prayer, do not buy big bones and bury them, this is a massive waste and will cost a lot! I advise that you bury every bone you see until you reach about level 43. Then kill moss giants or hill giants and bury their bones. Non- members have very slow that I don’t really recommend training past level 50.


Range is a really fast to train. This is a really good skill which most people under estimate. Most people with 99 range can do massive loads of damage! Other good points include that you have a large hit points level. When training range at low level, go to the dungeon of safety and range goblins from behind the fence. Do this until about level 10. At level 10, range the lower level minotaurs until level 30. Next range the high level minotaurs until you are level 50 range. At this point of time, you are able to range basically anything you want to range.


Magic is a good skill as you have access to many teleports. This is useful to quickly get around your limited areas. Magic is easy to train. Train magic at Fist of Guthix as there many helpful people who will help you get to your magic level high. If you want, you can stop at level 19 to cast curses on the Zamorak monk in Varrock castle to quickly gain levels. I would advise to go to level 25-30 before doing this so you have a lower chance of failing. If you are poor, continue training at FOG.

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