RuneScape – Summoning- Charms Guide

This is the guide on how to quickly get charms for Summoning. It is only for the Crimson charm. (Rate/comment please :D )

     Summoning is one of the harder skills in the game to train. In a sense, it’s very easy if you have all the materials and cash. Infact, it has a very good xp/hour rate. However, it is not a skill that can be “bought.” It is a very respected 99, as even though it costs millions like construction and herblore, it needs “ingredients” that cannot be traded. The charm.

     Making pouches are the only way to train summoning (other than summoning familiars/using special moves [which are very bad experience]). To make a pouch, you need a pouch (empty), some spirit shards (varies per pouch), a secondary ingredient, and a charm. The color/type of the charm varies from Gold, Green, Crimson, Blue, Abyssal, Pest Control, and Obsidian. All charms except Pest Control charms are untradable. Every other ingredient in the pouch is tradable, however. Crimson charms bring the best xp for a medium cost. They are also not too hard to obtain. Also the Gold Charm, easiest to obtain and has the lowest costs for xp/shard, is also very decent xp when used is massive amounts. Since charms are untradable, you have to earn them by fighting monsters and getting as drops or obtaining via Reward Boxes (after random events.) Enough of an introduction, let’s start.

    One of the best Crimson Charm droppers is the infamous Fire Giant. This level 86 monster is fairly easy to kill (when over 100 combat) and does not damage you alot. It only uses one attack type, and only has 1110 life points. (For more info please visit Rune Tip It’s “Bestiary” entry on the Fire Giant: This creature drops Gold Charms often, and Crimson charms at a decent drop rate. What you want to do is just continuously tank them for charms. Here are two methods I prefer (to kill them):

MELEE 1 (for higher levels): Wear Full Guthans and kill them continously. The Guthans will heal you, hence not requiring food. Bring a Minotaur (greater summoning level required=better minotaur) to help you kill the monsters and distract the Fire Giants incase the Guthans is not healing you. Also bring 5 Sharks or Rocktail, incase Guthans does not heal you fast enough (this is rare). Bring summoning potions and extra pouches (to maximise how long you are there). This is a great way to tank themf or days on end. However, you will need to bank if you are using a familiar (to get more pouches/summoning potions). If you are not using Summoning familiars, you can stay here for ages without banking.

MELEE 2 (for lower levels): This is the higher costing method, but is still decent. Wear full Prosetlyte or any of the White Knight’s armour (other than the White armour). You want a good prayer bonus, +7 is decent. Bring a full inventory of prayer potions, except 9 spaces. Have 5 Sharks/Rocktail in case of emergencies. The other 4 spots keep open for charms. Bring a whip or any melee weapon or your choice (mage/range does not work well because of the negative bonuses of the Prosetlyte armour). Basically, attack them and Protect from Melee. If decent Summoning, bring a Terrorbird or War Tortoise full of extra prayer potions. Remember, you will need Summoning Potions and extra pouches if bringing a familiar (prayer potions last a long time.) To maximise effiency, use 4-dose potions.

     Where will you fight them? There are two locations, but I reccomend one. The first is Brimhaven dungeon. This is not preferred as the pesky Wild Dogs attack you and ruin trips. Also, you have to walk between spawns. Payment/hatchet is required in this method. (Payment=~1000gp). The second, more preferred location is Chaos Tunnels. Being multi-combat area, you can take on multiple at a time and your familiar can help (espicially a Minotaur). However, this requires completion of the Bork miniquest.

Kill the Fire Giants and collect charms. That’s it. Thanks for reading, please comment and give good ratings.

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