RuneScape Tanking Guide – Perfect Tanking Gear! – How to Tank on RuneScape

Runescape Tanking Gear for F2P wars.

This is the Perfect Gear for F2P wars/PvP trips. Made fro everybody, Recommended for Players with 115+ CB level. (Made by a 125 F2P player).

Tanking means you will not die from a K0 and that you will last a long amount of time, heres the perfect gear for you to acomplish this.

*Green dragon Hide Vambs: Always wear these so you have a higher magic defense bonus.

*Green dragon Hide Body: Wear this to lure/Drag any one who is attacking you, this way there binds/magic spells will splash on you.

*Anchovy Pizzas: Great for lasting even more as you eat them slice by slice, they will heal 18hp total.

*Swordfish: Bring a small ammount of Swordfish just incase your HP drops alot and you need to hela fast.

*The staff: The staff gives Defence Bonus so bring 1.

If you cant afford this you can always replace it with addy items or replace the rune plate body with a rune chain-body and replace the rune plate legs with rune plate skirt.

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  1. RSplayer
    Posted October 7, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    hardly any good no offense
    you didn’t explain tanking properly and you don’t got the gear right

    gear would be like
    rune full helm > rune med helm > others

    rune plateSKIRT > rune platelegs > others

    rune gauntlets > RC gloves > d’hide vambraces > leather vambraces > others

    RC Staff > Magic staff > air/fire/earth/water staff > staff

    depending on what styles your using:
    stronghold boots > leather boots > others (swanky boots weren’t out in january yet but they’re good for mages)

    thereby, tanking is just the part of taking hits
    there’s hugging added in to it which is closely rounding objects to get any attackers stuck
    and there’s dragging which would be running ahead of the enemy where they can’t catch a bind on you anymore and your simply wasting their run energy…

  2. noob pwoner
    Posted July 7, 2011 at 3:30 pm


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